Why Haul With Us?

“We guarantee our drivers will not be forgotten. At Modern Transport Network you’re part of our family.”  – Ray

Truckers are the bloodline of America – they keep the economy going. Because of this one of our major focuses is to work hand in hand with individual drivers and owner/operators. With trucking as part of our family background, we remember the difficulties of the road. So while many other trucking companies turn off their phone at 5 pm, we are available from pickup to delivery. We also strive to offer the best possible rates with above-average industry payment options.

There will be no carrier left behind at Modern Transport Network LLC. This is a defining component for us as a company – we seek to be compassionate, friendly, and fair to each of our carriers.

At Modern Transport Network we offer:

  • Driver-friendly freight
  • Flexible payment options
  • Excellent customer service
  • Lanes that fit your states and preferred routes
  • Emergency access to us 24 hours/day, 7 days/week


Owner-operators are welcome to join our family of carriers. If you have any questions in regards to rates and payments please call us at 844-266-5686.

Payment Options

We have two different payment options for our carriers to choose from:

  • Quick Pay: offering mailed payment processing within 24-48 hours of invoice receipt with a 2% fee. ACH direct deposit offered with an additional 5$ ACH fee.
  • Standard Pay: paid within three weeks or less (21 calendar days or less)