Customer Care is Our #1 Priority

At Modern Transport Network we connect companies who need products hauled to carriers who can haul them. We have a network of common of pre-qualified carriers that are reliable, dependable, and on-time. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any dispatch or service request. Our flexible delivery schedule allows you to ship and any size load, no matter the day, regardless if it’s a weekend or holiday.

At Modern Transport Network:

  • We ease the burden of your company’s shipping needs.
  • We optimize your freight spend to increase ROI.
  • We use only pre-qualified and safe carriers.
  • Our advanced technology guarantees on-time delivery.
  • We offer a variety of shipping rates (including stop rates and annual rates)
  • Loads can be optimized to save fuel and resources.

Modern Transport Network understands all aspects regarding the transportation of cargo, whether 5,000 lbs. or 65,000 lbs. Our years of experiences as well as our freight management system has allowed us to create a network of reliable, contracted carriers for any load.

Current industry challenges make it difficult for shippers to transport their own loads. From driver shortages, capacity constraints, and rising prices, getting your shipment to its final destination on-time and safely is becoming more and more difficult. These challenges take up time and money that could be otherwise allocated.

But businesses can count on us to eliminate these worries. With our network of reliable, professional carriers, you won’t have to worry about your shipment arriving late. Our transportation network becomes your transportation network, allowing you to ship all across the continental United States with ease.

Our Loads

  • We offer transportation for oversized loads and freights for any large shipment needs you may have with no restrictions regarding size or weight.
  • Your shipments can be transported anywhere in the continental United States. Whether you need to ship something from Maine to California, or from Texas to Michigan, our carriers will get your shipment to its destination on-time.
  • We guarantee notification and communication with you about your shipment.

Ship Today

Let us help you get your shipment to where it needs to be. Call us at 844.266.5686 to request a quote or fill out an online quote request.